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How to make a 3D solar system model for school projects in Home - NewsnTrick

Today we are going to discuss how to make a 3D solar system model for school projects and exhibition this will help a student to gain knowledge of every solar system present in our solar system. Now basically you need to know somehow details of every planet. How to make Jupiter planet:I have used thermocol/foam balls for making these planets model you can either make this thermocol ball or get it from the store.You can use the base colour mixing ratioDark Brown - 1/3White - 2/3Just hold the brush and rotate the model as shown in the video belowHow to make Mercury planet:You can use a ball made of foam for making these planet modelTo make the Mercury planet use the base colour mixing ratio asBlack - 1/3White - 2/3How to make Venus planet:You just need a ball which is made of thermocol and you have to use the base colour mixing ratio asDark brown - 1/3Yellow - 1/3Red - 1/3How to make earth planet:You can use a ball which is made of plastic or made of phone and the base colour mixing rati…
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Projects : How to make a Periscope with cardboard Home science project - NewsnTrick

Hello friends today I am going to tell you How to make a Periscope with cardboard science project so without any delay that start making this. First of all let me tell you the benefit of making this periscope what basically a Periscope is you can see the image that is above your height so there are two parts where one what is the place you put your head and other is the place where you can capture the image.the things which you will need to make this Periscope is pretty easy so you can just purchase it from your nearest StoreCardboard brown colourYou have to select a cardboard of size 36 breath and 45cm in height. You have to measure in three parts and then you have to hold it like that as given in the picture.Scale of height 50cmYou are big scale to measure the height of the cardboard where you want to cut it so you need a big scale that can be able to measure the cardboard.Fevicole or any other glueYou need a glue stick to stick the cardboard as given in the picture.Mirror of small s…

How To Make Earthquake Alarm Working Model in Home - NewsnTrick

Today de in going to tell you how you can make an earthquake alarm working model for school science project this project is basically to focus on the middle class school kids.

9 w batteriesYou require the battery of generally 9 watt battery is enough to make this model no things batteries are generally general purpose and it is cheap in the market so it is better to use this batteries in your project it will be easy to use and you will also get a connector with these batteries where the connector contains two wires the color of these two wires can be black and red.9 w batteries connecterThe connector is generally known as 9w battery check connector please helps to connect the battery and the model.On off switchnow these which will helps to turn on the model and also you can turn of the model by using the same switch this is how model with work and this is a very important element of a model.Some cardboardCardboard is very important for this model you can also use Steel but cardboard is…